Senion Lab Technology

Senion lab is a specialist in indoor positioning company, offering a sophisticated toolkit that allows for sub-meter accuracy and low latency. Senion utilises an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and BLE beacons to create a seamless and highly accurate indoor location within apps.

The location is determined by both the app and a dedicated location engine that takes only a few hours to setup.

Mubaloo Innovation Lab is able to build rich experiences for users on top of this technology.

Senion Lab IPS Features

Key Features include:
  • StepInside package: Accurate indoor positioning, no latency with location data collection and real-time tracking
  • Senion Analytics – cloud based server presenting user data for driving improvements and services
  • Easy installation
Senion IPS technology uses beacons with complex mathematical algorithms to determine a user’s path and lead users to where they want to go. IPS relies on a dynamic positioning platform, beacons that broadcast signals and apps built on top of the positioning system, to help direct users.