Working in collaboration with Samsung and its brand experience agency Jack Morton, Mubaloo developed the Samsung Event App to offer the customer an engaging experience, specifically tailored to their interests. The app was developed to provide location-based targeting capabilities, through the use of beacon technology.

The Futurescape Retail pop-up store was made up of five zones: fashion, beauty, home appliances, as well as a cafe. As attendees arrived, they were presented with a Galaxy S5, with the app loaded onto the device, where they could register and login. Once logged in, a beacon at the entrance activated a welcome message. As customers moved around the store, beacons in each zone activated content, targeted to the user. This included their names coming up on screens in the area, as well as relevant text or video content delivered to the device.

As specialists in the deployment of beacon technology, Mubaloo Innovation Lab created a unique experience for Samsung’s guests. The solution not only delivers a personalised interaction, but for the purposes of the event also collates data about the solutions each guest spent time interacting with.

By using beacons, Samsung was able to gain insight on customer activity at the event. As users were logged in, the information could be used to produce targeted campaigns to attendees following the event, based on the products they spent time exploring. This also helped to demonstrate the value and potential for beacons to attendees in the retail industry.


Over the two day event, the beacons provided the following top-level statistics:

A total of 118 users engaged with the app leading to a total check-in of 2,877. The average dwell time with each zone was 10 minutes, with an average visit per solution of 2.6 times. Out of the solutions, users spent the most visited solution was Voloforce’s centralised task management system whilst users spent the most amount of time with Qudini’s queue management system. On average, visitors spent 1 hour and 40 minutes at Futurescape Retail.

The Samsung Event App helped to showcase each solution, providing visitors with information about each company as they moved around. The app featured few buttons, making it seamless for the user experience.


  • Native Android app, designed for Galaxy S5
  • Integrated with MiBeacons platform to deliver proximity based targeting
  • Purpose-built library for beacons on Android
  • Push notifications to provide location-based content
  • Tracking and collation of data for analytics