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The MiBeacons Platform enables dynamic control of content within existing mobile solutions to help facilitate better end-user engagement and provide companies with rich, location-based insight, generated through user interaction.

MiBeacons Platform

The MiBeacons platform enables apps to become contextually aware using hyperlocation beacons. By integrating the MiBeacons platform, brands and developers can speed up the development of apps by using a key set of tools, integrated directly into existing or new apps.

The MiBeacons platform consists of SDK’s for integration within apps and a CMS that allows management of beacons, content, messaging and analytics. Brands can choose to use standalone beacons that can be easily managed through the platform, or turn existing Bluetooth 4.0 mobile devices into beacons.

The platform enables users to dynamically control content and messages within their apps, providing companies with rich location based insight generated through user interaction.

MiBeacons Platform for Retail

Beacon technology provides a powerful opportunity for retailers to connect real world objects or micro-locations with mobile devices and online activity in an intelligent way.

Beacons enable enhanced customer experience by:

  • Sending personalised offers to customers in real-time
  • Driving footfall in-store
  • Enhancing loyalty programmes
  • Providing assisted, personalised customer service
  • Assisting with in-store navigation

The MiBeacons Platform will integrate with existing mobile apps and allow retailers and brands to interact and engage with customers better; allowing brands to own the engagement with customers during their in-store experiences, through the delivery of marketing campaigns, promotional offers and improved customer service.

MiBeacons Platform

The MiBeacons platform

  • Beacon Hardware
  • SDKs
  • Cloud Based CMS


The SDK’s allow developers to easily integrate beacon functionality into their apps.  They provide core beacon functionality and also the routines required to connect to and interact with the CMS.

Cloud Base CMS

The CMS provides 3 core functions:

  • Beacon Management
  • Content & Campaign Management
  • Analytics

Beacons can be added to the system through a simple form or MiBeacons can do this for you on larger scale.

With beacons in the system the next step is to assign content to these beacons in the form of images, documents and beacon meta data.

  • Every time a mobile device sees a beacon a beacon event can be sent back to the CMS.
  • Individual beacons will show the average dwell time.
  • The CMS allows users to see the number of devices that have interacted with beacons.