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Products & Services

Mubaloo Innovation Lab is a strategic partner helping companies to utilise location aware technologies, mobile technologies and the Internet of Things to develop their innovation pathway. Mubaloo IL offers both bespoke solutions, along with a market-leading hyper-location platform, which integrates with existing mobile solutions.

Strategy consultancy and MiBeacons Platform

Mubaloo Innovation Lab is a strategic partner, helping companies to utilise location aware technologies, mobile technologies and the Internet of Things in developing their innovation pathway. Mubaloo IL specialises in the delivery of bespoke mobile solutions.

Alternatively, for clients looking for a simple to deploy, off-the-shelf, proximity targeting solution, the MiBeacons platform has helped clients quickly transform consumer and end-user engagement. The platform enables users to dynamically control content and messages within their apps, providing companies with rich location based insight generated through user interaction.

Mubaloo Innovation Lab works collaboratively with clients to understand their unique challenges and the opportunities location-based technologies present in helping clients further business objectives and drive innovation initiatives.


The MiBeacons’ Platform enables dynamic control of content within client’s existing mobile solutions to help facilitate better end-user engagement and provide companies with rich, location-based insight, generated through user interaction. The platform consists of SDK’s for integration within mobile apps and an intelligent CMS.


As a strategic partner, Mubaloo IL helps clients understand the opportunities to innovate with location-aware technologies and IoT and help develop a robust strategy for approach and implementation. Mubaloo IL is also able to deliver bespoke mobile apps to form part of the complete technology solution.

3rd Party Integration  

Mubaloo IL partners with some of the worlds leading technology companies to utilise new technologies and services that can be easily integrated into projects. By partnering with companies such as Cisco, IBM and Senion Labs, we are able to use a wide variety of powerful technologies, that help companies to use the right technology to address their business challenges and drive innovation.