Real-time CRM

Sep 30, 2014

What real-time CRM could offer companies and their customers

For companies, real-time CRM offers the opportunity to better engage with customers when they are in digital and physical spaces. For years, companies have known what their ideal customer service journey should look like. Now, the technology exists to be able to deliver this through digital channels. Companies who have segmented their data, have been working to build out targeting through email and other channels for the past few years will be further ahead.

With real-time CRM, these companies will be able to use mobile apps, with beacons or Wi-Fi zone triggers, to help provide the best possible customer journey, based on where customers are, their past behaviour and set parameters that help to make the experience better. By making the overall experience better, companies can hope to improve sales conversions and reduce churn to competitors.

Companies can use the intelligence gathered to help make further improvements to the way they operate, venue or store layouts, product placement and the sales journey.

For customers, it’s really about the experience and the level of information or engagement they are able to have. One thing customers won’t want is spam or to feel that they are being overly tracked. Just from conversations with friends and family, there is a trend with online advertising at the moment where people may feel that they are almost being followed around by adverts. Whilst this may sometimes work, it can make people feel uneasy about their online behaviour. Many people may get to the point where they just learn to tune out these adverts, or, especially after buying an item, feel frustration they are being shown adverts for something they’ve already bought.

There is a fine line between something that is perceived as useful, and something that gets seen as invasive. Companies who manage to get it right will ultimately benefit.

Location-based targeting and technologies open up a host of opportunities for real-time CRM. However, special consideration and strategic planning is essential to ensure companies properly implement the technology’s use. The customer and customer experience has to be at the centre of everything.

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