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Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation makes buildings and spaces more accessible, enabling users to find what they need, when they need it. Mubaloo Innovation Lab works with specialist partners to deliver real-time location services within apps across a variety of indoor locations.

Why Indoor Navigation

Indoor navigation helps to enable users to find what they need, when they need it. It makes buildings or spaces more accessible to people who need it and helps to provide context to people, no matter where they are from.

Mubaloo Innovation Lab’s specialist partners allow us to integrate their toolkits to deliver real-time location services within apps, helping to create new use cases which can be applied within large enterprise, retail spaces, leisure and tourism locations, sporting venues or any variety of indoor locations.

We think beyond the A-to-B. We think about the points along the journey and how to enhance them with context and intelligence.

The frameworks allow Mubaloo Innovation Lab to provide a solid technological base to engage users in new and innovative ways. Please see below for some of the ways in which we can help to enable your indoor location needs.

  • Beacon Zones 

    Beacons use three distinct ranges that can be utilised to determine how far a mobile device is from the beacon. This system is ideal for scenarios where multiple beacons are deployed, with a rough location accuracy of plus or minus five meters.

    Basic algorithms are used to determine which beacon is the closest and where the mobile device is. In many cases, this type of location is enough to give a user what they require and can be enhanced with context.

  • Senion Lab 

    Senion lab is a specialist in indoor positioning company, offering a sophisticated toolkit that allows for sub-meter accuracy and low latency. Senion utilises an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and BLE beacons to create a seamless and highly accurate indoor location within apps.

    The location is determined by both the app and a dedicated location engine that takes only a few hours to setup. Mubaloo Innovation Lab is able to build rich experiences for users on top of this technology.

  • Cisco CMX 

    Cisco’s CMX platform is a server side location engine that utilises WiFi infrastructure to provide location services. CMX enables mobile apps to provide rich experiences for users, whilst also helping to deliver analytical insight to companies to help them better understand the flow of people through a venue. Mubaloo Innovation Lab has been selected as a Cisco Preferred Solution Partner.

  • Partners 

    Mubaloo Innovation Lab partners with some of the worlds leading technology companies to utilise new technologies and services that can be easily integrated into projects. By partnering with companies such as Cisco, IBM and Senion Labs, we are able to use a wide variety of powerful technologies, that help companies to use the right technology to address their business challenges and drive innovation.