Cisco wanted an app that would showcase how its CMX system worked and demonstrate the benefits to businesses interested in implementing it. As part of its implementation, Cisco wanted to help its sales team with a tool that would impress customers and bring up important information as visitors moved around the EBC.

The app, designed for iOS, was created to be deployed across a number of Cisco’s EBC centres across the world. The app needed to demonstrate how CMX can be utilised for indoor navigation and guide users around a route. The app is able to alert users about the different zones they enter, providing information as they move from room to room. This is triggered by different WiFi routers located around the EBC, to simulate how multiple routers can deliver an enhanced experience.

Cisco also wanted to demonstrate how Beacon technology and CMX can work together to enhance the user experience. Utilising Mubaloo’s MiBeacons hardware, the app is able to display other product information or videos, based on a user’s micro-location. This goes beyond the zones by creating hyperlocal relevance as users move around the EBC.


The app went live across a number of Cisco’s European EBC centres and is proving to be a huge success with Cisco’s internal sales team in promoting CMX to customers.

It showcases some of the innovative potential of the CMX solution, to enhance the user experience, as well as showcase Mubaloo’s work as a Cisco partner. The app helps to bring CMX to life and provide insight on how businesses can use WiFi for more than just connecting devices to the Internet.


  • Native iOS app with CMX SDK integration
  • Ability to manage the app content via Cisco’s CMX portal
  • Built in indoor navigation showcase
  • Integration with MiBeacons SDK to surface relevant information about products, based on proximity