Placed behind Aviva’s promotional banners, located around an airport, beacons can detect the location of the user and launch a notification on their mobile device asking whether they need to purchase travel insurance. If they do, the customer can then proceed to the app.

To make the travel insurance purchasing process as simple as possible, the app only has seven screens. Upon launching the app, the user is able to enter their flight number from their ticket, select their requirement details and relevant party details, before being presented with three different insurance options. If the customer is happy with the real-time quote, insurance can be purchased directly through the app.

For further peace of mind, a confirmation screen will appear at the end of the purchase.

Whilst GPS could be used to trigger notifications when customers are close to the airport, using the technology is not viable for indoor scenarios. By using beacons to detect hyper-location, this means that only existing Aviva customers, who are definitely flying and in the departure lounge, will receive notifications.


With the success of this proof of concept, Aviva will be looking to advance the proof of concept and include further integration with their customer database to provide a more personalised solution.


  • Native iOS app using the iOS SDK, targeted for iOS 8
  • This proof of concept is integrated with the use of beacon technology